Friday, August 24, 2012


I took a sabbatical from blogging.  Yeah, I know, I've only been blogging for about four months, why would I need a break?? The truth? I got depressed after I left Rome, and I seriously couldn't write anything.  My life was so much less epic once I got back to the States that I didn't want to depress myself even more by frantically trying to dig up something funny, awesome, or witty that was happening in my life because all I did was sit on the couch and watch the U.S. dominate the Olympics (Ok, let's be real, that was pretty awesome, but I wasn't going to write about the medal count - USAToday had that covered).

So now I'm back in good 'ole Albuquerque, hitting the books once again.  Well, right now I'm not.  As soon as I got done with class today, I promptly returned home, started blasting Ed Sheeran, got my daily dose of One Direction stalking (new single out in October - HOLLER!), shopped online (and bought cute boots!!! So stoked for fall!!), and chatted with Abby for half an hour since neither of us has a life.  See what I mean about my life being much less epic?  I go from dance parties at the Pantheon to laying on my bed creeping on the internet...Annnndddd now my pity party is over.

A side effect of living in Rome for 6 weeks:  I'm an aggressive walker.  I stride around campus like nobody's business, and I get really peeved when people meander along in front of me.  MOVE PEOPLE.  We need walking lanes on campus:  slower traffic keep right.  I'd always be in the left lane.  Yeesh, these turtles...

I'm sure my Early American Lit professor is going to provide me with lots of great stories to share.  Every time I walked out of his class this week, I felt as if he lied to all of us.  He's extremely entertaining and really funny, but some of his information is highly suspect.  If one day I go on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and I answer the question "What famous red-haired explorer did Spain support because Spain's red-haired queen had a crush on him?" with Christopher Columbus, and Regis tells me I'm wrong, I'm blaming Dr. White.

Bon week-end, tout le monde!