Sunday, September 2, 2012


My roommate Meredith is fantastic. And she has a great blog, and she does this cool thing sometimes where she documents current things in her life so I'm stealing the idea from her.  But I'm not plagiarizing because I just gave her credit. At ease, MLA police...


Reading:  The Kite Runner and The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man.  Both excellent books.  Kite Runner is seriously such a heart-wrenching story, and it is SO WELL-WRITTEN.  Lovin' me some Khaled Hosseini story-telling, for sure.  I'm probably going to bed really, really, REALLY late tonight because I can't stop reading.  English major problems...Also, I'm not very far in Autobiography yet, but I like it already.  Hefty subject matters but extremely well-written.

Why doesn't the New York Times hire me to review books? Oh yeah, because I'm a 20 year old that doesn't even have a college degree yet...patience...

Watching:  MERLIN. Meredith and I (ok, actually Meredith's amazing sister to whom I'm forever indebted) found season four of BBC's Merlin online on Thursday night.  This show is great.  I love Merlin. And Arthur. And Lancelot. And Gawain. And Gwen.  And Gaius.  And...yeah, you catch my drift.  Also, the US Open tennis tournament is going on right now.  My productivity level is low if you can't tell.  But let's be real, watching Federer gracefully destroy his opponent > Cortes' adventures in the New World.

Thinking About:  Writing a book.  Or a short story.  Afghanistan.  The amount of work I have to do this weekend.  How dang awesome my life is.  The Lobos winning at football - actually, that should go under what is currently blowing my mind...haha.

Anticipating:  Umm...I don't know.  Christmas?  Is it too early to be anticipating that?

Listening to:  I won't bore you with my typical "One Direction, Ed Sheeran" rant (although I am listening to them obviously!).  My dad and I spent the evening reliving the golden age of incredible music as we listened to James Taylor, Cat Stevens, John Denver, and Keith Green.  I am confused as to why these men's voices are not still blasting out of every radio portal in the universe.

Eating:  HAHA. Real question: what am I not currently eating?? Most accurate description of college eating habits I've ever heard: "I don't gain the Freshmen 15 from cafeteria food, I gain it from going home on the weekends and over vacations."  I simultaneously love and hate the stocked refrigerator at my home here in Los Alamos.

Working on:  I'm trying to write some sort of short story/novella about my adventure this summer.  It's one of my goals in life to get something published.  Maybe this is my opportunity!

Wishing:  Weekends never ended.  But then again, if weekends were everyday life, they wouldn't be special :)

Favorite quote at the moment - "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one"  (George R.R. Martin)