Thursday, April 26, 2012


Alright. I know I was singing the praises of Albuquerque in my last post, and don't get me wrong I still love it here, but these last few days have been MISERABLE.

There is a moth invasion in Albuquerque.  The other day when I started my car, a cloud of moths flew up around my windows.  At Young Life on Monday, there were like 10 moths fluttering around the lights distracting the kids - GET OUT MOTHS. When I was younger, I was deathly afraid of these critters - as in scream until the moth was dead, "Dad, I will not go in my room if there's a moth," kind of fear. Thankfully, I'm over this mortal terror, but I still don't like the little buggers and their "moth dust." Also, Jamie and I figured out that they pee on you. Can moths get any worse?? No. Their only redeeming factor: they saved Gandalf from the Tower of Orthanc (credit: Daniel and Katie Swaim - thank you for alerting me to this fact and therefore decreasing my bitterness these past three days).

Today was an ugly day.  Every so often, Albuquerque takes a step back in time to the 1930s and reenacts the days of the Dust Bowl. I could not see the Sandia Mountains for most of the day. The wind whipped my hair back and forth in a manner aggressive enough to make Willow Smith proud. And I got a free exfoliation treatment from the sand pelting into my face. Awe-some.

However, so as not to rant for this entire post, I did eat a green chile cheese bagel for dinner tonight. YUM. And I caught up on the current season of Gossip Girl. Today was not wasted.

One more thing! (Did anyone watch Jackie Chan Adventures in the olden days? I always think of Uncle when I say "One more thing!"). Ephesians 2:10 "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them." This verse is amazing. God has already planned good works for each and every one of us to complete - pursue these deeds wholeheartedly, love your neighbor, do good.

Calo anor na ven! Yes, I did just leave you with an Elvish phrase. It means "May the sun shine on your road." Watch out for those moths!

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