Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#WhenInRome: Feet

Romans 10:15 “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

While in Rome this summer, I decided to read through the book of Romans.  See what I did there?  Yup.   Anyway, this verse makes me think of Jesus’ washing the disciples’ feet.  I have a whole new appreciation for this story after living in Rome this summer.  I wear sandals or Toms every day here, and let me tell you, my feet get NASTY.  I’m talking visible layer of dirt and grime.  My feet are hot, sweaty, and smelly by noon. I don’t even want to touch my own feet much less someone else’s.  

I can just imagine that Simon Peter’s feet were even worse than mine:  splinters from a lifetime of going barefoot in his fishing boat; broken nails from repeated toe-stubbings on the cobblestones; cracked heals from the wear-and-tear of his Jerusalem cruisers.  But even Peter’s weathered feet couldn’t deter Jesus.  The Son of God got that basin and towel and knelt in front of His disciples.  He scrubbed, washed, and dried those grubby feet.  You know what I also think?  I bet Jesus loved on His disciples’ feet – it wasn’t an “oh-my-gosh-GROSS-let’s-get-this-over-with” washing.  I bet it was more like a parent bathing their precious child:  carefully pouring water over his or her little body while only using the gentlest Johnson&Johnson shampoo.  Showing love with each and every miniscule action.

It made me think:  Jesus wants my feet – dirt, bumps, and all – just like He wants my heart – sin, shame, and all.  He can use any feet:  big feet, small feet, even NO feet!  We with our finite capacity cannot limit God’s infinite resourcefulness just like we cannot limit God’s infinite love.  As I watch the dirt from my feet spiral down the drain with the water from my shower, I realize Jesus’ blood did and does the same exact thing to my heart – His blood cleanses to the core.  And just as I have to wash my feet every night because they are continuously getting dirty, I need to ask my Savior to forgive the sins that smudge my heart each day.  And guess what the amazing thing is?  Jesus’ grace works like the faucet:  His refreshing forgiveness is simply waiting to cascade all over you and me!  He’s waiting to give you the pedicure of a lifetime.  Lord, give me beautiful feet!

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