Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#WhenInRome: Venturing

My roommate Anya and I took an evening stroll into the city to take pictures tonight.  We walked along the Tiber which brought us to St. Peter’s – a stunning place for night photography.  It’s completely lit up:  fountains, pillars, obelisk, dome, and façade.  I actually like sightseeing in Rome at night better than during the day because a) it’s way cooler and b) there are not droves of people flocking all of the tourist sights.  Piazza San Pietro was basically deserted compared with the afternoon crowds, and an Italian high school choir was singing in the center of it all.  Anya gave me a lesson in how to use Abby’s camera, and I’ve decided I really like photography.  Fave pictures of the night!!

Fountain in Piazza San Pietro. Did you know Bernini designed this Piazza?

The columns!

All lit up :) One of my favorite places in Rome

Favorite picture

Favorite statue

I needed one more of the same shot. Haha

Reflection of the light bridge


*Italian Tiger Mosquitoes.  I’m being eaten alive.  My legs are covered in golf ball sized welts…Awesome…

*Coffee and Mint Chocolate Chip gelato mix.  Excellent choice.  And yes, I’m patting myself on the back.

*Anya and I navigated the Roman bus system.  We are champs.  NBD.

*The first lecture of my art history class was held on sight at the Pantheon.  Winning!  The Pantheon is an incredible building.  Factoid of the day:  the light from the oculus in the ceiling of the Pantheon only shines through the doorway of the building on Rome’s birthday according to the old Roman calendar.  WHATTTT?? So cool.

*Spain kicked Italy’s butt in the Eurocup Final.  I was so bummed!  We didn’t get to see the Italians go wild!  But over 70,000 people showed up to watch the game at the Circus Maximus.  Crazy…

*I’m pretty sure I got cursed at by an Italian man who ran a red light on his motorcycle while I was trying to cross at a green crosswalk.  Oh, I’m sorry, sir, that I’m doing something wrong by FOLLOWING THE RULES OF THE ROAD.  

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