Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Tis the Season to be Thankful: Mundane

I love writing things when I have a topic to write about. I'm not good at pulling things out of thin air, so I thought, "Hey, it's almost Thanksgiving (sort of...I wish) - I should write about things I'm thankful for!" This thought process also coincides with major conviction regarding the angst that is so prevalent in my life. Thus, by reminding myself and writing about all of the 3,098,403,803,834 things I have to be thankful for, I'm hoping to offer myself some help in the anger management department :) Tell me what you're thankful for, too!

Item #1 that I'm thankful for: Mundane Tasks.

You're probably thinking, "She's crazy..." (HA! I caught you! And...you're right).  But seriously, I love little tasks that are so perfunctory and mindless and seemingly boring. Like dishes. Each night before I go to bed, I trek upstairs with the dishes I've accumulated during the day, and I wash them. It takes me like 5 minutes maximum so it's quick, easy, and painless. One of the only activities of my day that falls into all three of those categories.

Mundane task #2 - making my bed. Yeah, I never used to do this. Until I came to college and started spending my entire existence in my bedroom, and I realized that an unmade bed was a serious distraction - napping just seems like the only feasible activity when my rumpled covers beckon to me! Now, I make my bed every morning right after I get up to A) prevent me from getting right back in bed and B) provide several peaceful moments in which I struggle to accustom my mind to the chore of being conscious. Haha.

I think one thing I am thankful for about these tasks is the fact that they really cannot be done wrong. And they are built in moments of my day that I don't have to be completely focused or paying attention. This does not mean that I'm dying to come do your dishes or make your bed. But I am learning to appreciate these tasks as unavoidable facts of life that I might as well enjoy because it's better than grumbling for an extra ten minutes every day.

P.S. I'm also grateful it's starting to feel like fall in ABQ!
P.P.S. Someone should do a statistical study on how my blogging rate has a positive correlation with how much homework I have to do...

Bonne soirée!

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